320: Final Project 4th Meeting (Second week)

The team sat down and re ask the questions like starting all over again from zero. We asked: what does safety mean to us? One good point is that we are people that behave in a human being way. It is very difficult for our wearable to communicate to the user if the message is based on animal experience, not human experience. If a piece of work doesn’t relate or connect with the user, it has no meaning and purpose. In stead of trying to implement animal characteristics to the wearable, the team decided to do something related to people. A quality of feeling safe for people is the idea of being hugged and being protected since young by mom. One very intuitive, implanted idea is the feeling of being inside a womb. We did some simple tests to some friends and ask them for some feedbacks about being circled by a materials around the neck and the torso. The purpose of these tests is to investigate if that sense of feeling safe inside a wrapped around area portray a sense of comfort and safety to people. Through many iterations and pages of sketches, we developed couple dress that the form itself will transform according to the heart rate input. The gesture of being wrapped, surrounded and covered in a dangerous situation.


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