Week 3 Capstone: Ideation

During the meeting today we have a few item in our menu:

  • Team Contract
  • Team activity of Kitsch Design : Widen our scope in certain area of design
  • Find Powerful example of the interactivity we week.

Recap from last week of capstone. Our team presented three ideas to the class, we had received some valuable feedback.

We are exploring the domain of emotional effect:

  1. Personified Object
  2. Explore different type of movement
    • Natural human body movement
    • Nature inspire movement?  – plants, Animals,

Explore different Form:

  1. Primitive form

*As we trying to work out the form and idea our prof pointed out the term Kitsch – bad taste


Vacuum florescent display Clock

My analog clock broke on me few weeks ago.. while I looking along for a clock in my room. I came across this clock call VFD tube clock. Instead of buying a prefabricate clock, I decided buy parts and build one of my own.  Since school project hasn’t kick in motion yet.

This is a clock with russian retro tube display.  Spent 3 hour building it.   Fun little project ….

Here is the final product.